Fine Edge
Interior Designers

Comfort and function are the most critical ingredients to a beautiful room, which is provided by Fine Edge interiors designers.

Architectural Plans

Our dedicated and talented architects are capable of mixing the modern features with the traditional styles in order to create admirable and eye-catching indoors for your architectural projects. interior designers in thrissur, interior designing services in thrissur, ceiling works in thrissur, office interior designing in thrissur, furniture works company in thrissur, wood panelling work in thrissur, interior design company in thrissur, home interior designers in thrissur, fine edge, in kerala

Interior Design

Fine edge interior designers follows systematic and co-ordinated methodology,including research,analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process, where by the needs of the clients are satisfied to produce an interiors space that fulfils the project goals.

Space planning

Fine Edge look at the way people move through a space to perform their daily tasks. Our interior plans work with the natural flow, and facilitate the function that takes place within the building. The room shapes, acoustics, lighting and tactic response of the interiors are fundamental to the whole design concept.


Is your home with great character on your wish list? If you want to add personality to your home, remodel it!. Give your home a finishing touch with gorgeous architectural elements on ceilings, walls, doors, windows, shelves and staircases. A blend of old and new materials can add a sense of balance and personalization to your home. Create a seamless transition between rooms in your home with colours and pilasters.

Who We Are

Fine Edge Interior designers was founded 20 years back as professional interior designing firm, in order to provide excellent projects services. Fine Edge are professionally managed by a team of highly talented and dedicated interior designers and interior architects who have vast experience in interior designing. Fine Edge interior designers provides a wide spectrum of design services which includes interior designing, space planning, office interior , kitchen cabinets, furniture works, flooring, window treatments, wood panelling, ceiling works, showroom interior. Our unique building styles and greater responsibility along with excellent customer service help us to stand out in interior designing..